At Tiki Tan Express by Solarium, we know that we all need an escape from the day to day, but how often can you get to the beach? In the meantime, come join us for a mini vacation! Get your rays (and Vitamin D) without the sand between your toes and leave your stress and frustrations behind.

See for yourself! Tiki Tan Express by Solarium salons are affordable and luxurious, unlike other area salons. We strive to provide a clean and comfortable environment. We have quality beds, spacious rooms, and an extensive selection of top brand lotions to help each client reach their personal tanning goal.

Tanning isn’t just about looking fabulous… it’s about being healthy! A lack of Vitamin D can have a negative affect on your overall health and mood. Our bodies were designed to produce Vitamin D from UVB exposure; so getting some rays is the method of choice to receive this valuable vitamin. You can do this safely and efficiently at our salons, and get a beautiful golden glow at the same time. So why not look and feel your best?

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